Strength in Cooperation

USASAC implements approved U.S. Army security assistance programs, including Foreign Military Sales cases of defense articles and services to eligible foreign governments. USASAC is responsible for life cycle management of FMS cases, from pre-letter of request, development, execution, and closure.

USASAC manages approximately 5,000 FMS cases valued at more than $160.7 billion and interfaces with 119 Security Cooperation Offices nationwide.



Find out the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding doing business via the Amy's Foreign Military Sales program and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) vs Direct Commercial Sales (DCS).

FMS Business Contacts:
AMC Ombudsman 256-450-7550
AMC Small Business 256-450-7953
USASAC 256-450-5743
AMCOM 256-876-6659
CECOM 443-861-5264
JMC 309-782-1002
PEO-STRI 407-384-3770
TACOM 586-282-6597

Life Cycle Management Commands

Export Licensing

Useful Export Licensing Links:

FMS Transportation

Lodged DSP-94 Reporting Information

DoD shipping activities can use this page to view information necessary to complete the Shippers Export Declaration (SED), IAW the International Traffic In Arms Regulation (ITAR) 22 CFR 126-6 (6) (i)(ii). This information is updated regularly and is current as of


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